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    June 24, 2011


    Hey John,

    I had to share this with you. Turns out the iOS team has prioritized our feature idea. See the description of Find My Phone: Lost Mode coming soon in iOS6.

    It shows that Apple values customer loyalty over short term profits in my mind. I'm not sure of the data used in this decision, but it's one I'd support in principle.

    Perhaps this was already in the works? I also remember seeing a description of AirPlay on a design blog long before it was released.

    Hope all is well at Autodesk.


    Glad you liked the poster. I recently left an iPhone at the CHI conference and wished the designers had thought of the very feature you mention. However, in the UXI matrix, I should point out that business impact is considered for each story/use case.

    In the case of the lost phone, it might be to Apple's advantage that I lost my 3GS. Had they used the UXI Matrix, the story you mention might not have made the cut--just like copy & paste didn't make it into iOSv1. As I tell all my clients, good design is the delicate art of considering the needs of users, the business, and technology constraints (in that order).

    On my old blackberry, I customized the screen that showed when locked to display "call xxx-xxx-xxxx for reward if found." Unfortunately, I didn't do his on my iPhone--and it was the first cell I ever misplaced in 13 years.

    The good news is I was looking for an excuse to upgrade to an iPhone 4 :)


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