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    November 17, 2010


    Hi Erin,
    Excellent to see you writing about this excellent post -- I absolutely recommend it! We did write a bit more about the “importance of importance” ( and with some good debate there) for more explanation on the process. While I certainly agree that the actual Net Promoter Score (NPS) became largely unnecessary here, it was through the Net Promoter process that we found that your loyal customers (those very likely to recommend) buy subscriptions and additional Autodesk products and services, while also driving down cost of sales and marketing by referring new business. And there’s still more opportunity in engaging the silent majority (per

    So with proper analysis and prioritization we’re quantifying the business value (ROI) of the required product improvements to get everyone on board with making the right investments: Let's hear it more analysis driving real action!

    Great stuff and thanks for posting this.

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