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    October 16, 2009


    wonderful post about design, thanks

    What a very interesting article. Keep up the excellent work.

    Shorter version: research identifies problems and evaluates the success of the solutions. Designers ('experts') find the solutions.

    Nice article John. I particularly appreciated your mention of why getting users to self-report doesn't get us the information we as PDs need to design a UI.

    Talking about doing something and doing it are not the same thing because of the details users omit during a traditional style interview as compared with a contextual interview where users are "doing what they do" and not just talking about it.

    We all get through our days using tacit knowledge. This often includes the minutiae of our activities that we are unconscious of because we do it them often, or would not think is of interest or importance when "reporting" what we are doing in traditional interviews. The only way for us to get at this sometimes critical data is to observe users at work.

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